April 21, 2015

Mercy Me Coming To Utica at the Stanley Theatre 8/17/12

UP MUSIC TV & K-LOVE is blessed to announce MERCY ME “LIVE” IN CONCERT
for the first time ever at THE STANLEY THEATRE, Friday night at 7:30pm on
August 17th. Please visit our website at www.upmusictv.com for more details
on UP MUSIC TV and the NEW morning show called “UP IN THE MORNING” that
airs Contemporary Christian Music videos, interviews and much more. The show airs
weekdays from 5:00a-6:00a & 9:00a-10:00a plus Sunday mornings from 8:00a-9:00a.
PLEASE TUNE IN and let others know of this special programming which is UPLIFTING,

UP MUSIC TV is carried on WPNY-TV out of Utica and can be viewed on Time Warner
Cable channel 12 in Oneida & Herkimer counties and channel 117 in Otsego, Chenango
& Delaware counties. Also, FREE OVER-THE-AIR on DIGITAL Channel 20.2

If your church or business is interested in our PRE-SALE OFFER before tickets
go on sale to the public later in May… PLEASE call or e-mail us and we will discuss
reduce ticket options based on your request and need. Please pass this on to team
leaders, pastors and youth pastors.

PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL ASAP as tickets will be moving very fast for this
special concert evening with BART MILLARD & MERCY ME. A LIMITED


Dan Falinski,

Atheist ‘Flabbergasted’ by Outpouring of Christian Charity

By Joe Carter

According to the Athens Review, an atheist who had threatened to sue a Texas county over the display of a nativity scene says he is “completely flabbergasted” that Christians from that same county provided him financial assistance for a medical problem. 

My wife and I had never had a Christian do anything nice for us,” said Patrick Greene. “Just the opposite.”

Greene, an activist with a long history of bringing lawsuits related to public displays of Christian imagery, threatened to sue Henderson County if county official allowed a nativity scene to be placed on the courthouse lawn next Christmas.

Greene had intended to represent himself in the lawsuit, but dropped the threat when he discovered he had a detached retina and may lose his sight.

“There is no way for me to go up there if I’m blind,” said Greene, who lives in San Antonio, nearly 300 miles from the Henderson County courthouse. Greene said he has no insurance to pay for an operation that might save his sight, and can’t even pay for the exam that will confirm the diagnosis. “Why waste the money if I can’t do anything about it,” he told the local newspapers.

When Jessica Cry, a member of Sand Springs Baptist Church in Athens, read on the Internet about Greene’s troubles, she felt compelled to help. Cry told her pastor, Rev. Eric Graham, who contacted Greene and inquired about how his church could help with the surgery.

Greene told Graham he had a more immediate need.

“I said, if you really want to contribute something to help, we need groceries,” Greene said. “I told my wife about it,” Greene said.

“They’re going to help us?” Karen asked.

Greene thought that if anything, he’d see $50, maybe $100. A few days later, the Christians made good on their promise, and sent a check for $400.

“I said I can’t believe it,” Greene said. “I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.”

The money went to help pay the rent, and provide necessities from the grocery store. The contributions didn’t stop at $400 either, Cry said. More money is coming in. Greene is so amazed by the generosity of the Christians in Henderson County, he’s sharing the story through the media, and is thinking about writing a book. “I’m going to call it the real ‘Christians of Henderson County, Texas,’” Greene said. “These people are acting like what the Bible says a Christian does.”

“I’m dedicating the book to my wife, the young lady who started the idea, and Reverend Graham.”

Why it Matters: Jesus commanded us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44). But far too often we get bogged down in fighting faux cultural battles (like the “War on Christmas”) and forget that the “enemies” our Lord commands us to love are also our neighbors. When we take the time to show concern and charity, as the Christians in my former home of Henderson County have done with Mr. Greene, it can melt the hardest of hearts.

“I have decided to show my appreciation to the Christian community for all their help, and I am going to buy a star for the top of the Nativity scene,” says Greene, “ You people can figure out how to plug it in.”

Joe Carter is an Editor at The Gospel Coalition – TheGospelCoalition.org

(Reprinted with permission.)

Noah’s Gift


From his wheelchair, Noah grins at me with that beautiful smile of his and then takes a swipe at the zipper on my sweater. It is good to see him at church today! Last I had heard he was sick with a bad cold, and we were all praying for him to get better quickly.  

Noah has an extremely rare genetic disorder that affects the smooth muscles of the body – especially the muscles of the digestive tract. Even a slight illness or allergy can set his body out of balance, causing severe discomfort. Actually, the fact that Noah is alive is a miracle.

When he was born twelve years ago, Noah was critically ill, unable to gain weight and vomiting much of his formula. Although Mike and Pam took him to many different doctors and hospitals, it was a long time before they could identify what was wrong. The Ballmans were given specialized formulas and medicines to control Noah’s digestive reactions, hoping he would get the nutrition he needed to grow.


Since then, life has been a constant battle to keep Noah healthy, with countless trips to see doctors and specialists, and frequent hospitalizations. In recent years, research has led to new treatments that have helped him have longer periods of health, but Noah’s care still requires daily nursing support. When he isn’t doing well, it is agonizing to see him in so much pain and misery. On the good days, Noah’s smile is like sunshine that warms our hearts. Though he doesn’t speak, it is obvious he really loves interacting with us, and we come away feeling blessed and thankful.


We are grateful that God has answered prayer and given Noah life and, at times, health. He has brought Mike and Pam through the pain and stress of watching their innocent son suffer incredibly. When circumstances have caused them to question God’s goodness, they have been honest about their feelings instead of hiding behind masks of piousness. Knowing how hard it is for the Ballmans, we pray for them and express our compassion through words and deeds. Sometimes that means just being there with them as they journey down this difficult path.


Through their situation God has taught us, Mike’s congregation, not to avoid pain and grief, but to share in each other’s struggles. Mike’s ordeal creates compassion in him for those whose lives are broken and whom society has cast aside. Their suffering may not be as obvious as Noah’s, but it is just as real. Our hearts are being united as we reach out to others in need, making a difference in our community and embracing those God brings our way, even those some consider the “least of these”.

Each one of us, including Noah, has gifts to contribute. It feels like we are exactly where God wants us, and for that strengthening joy we are thankful.


Mike, Pam, and Noah Ballman live in Utica, NY with their two dogs. They enjoy restoring old houses and furniture and doing landscaping and gardening. Mike pastors Cornerstone Community Church and Plymouth Bethesda UCC. He is also director of the Oneida Square Project, targeting community revitalization in his neighborhood through home restorations and a community garden. You can reach him at mike@cornerstoneutica.com


Author Lisa Smith is a homeschooling mom who lives on a hill overlooking the Mohawk Valley of Central New York. She enjoys music, encouraging others, and spending time with family and friends, especially her husband, Mark. She is a Deaconess at Cornerstone Community Church, Prayer Shield member for National Day of Prayer Ministries – Northeast, and on the Utica-Mohawk Valley NDP Committee.

The Master Plan

The Art of Marriage: A Video Event

Look at your relationship in a whole new way! Open to Committed Dating Couples,  Engaged Couples, and Married Couples.

Friday, May 18 at 6:30pm-9:30pm
Saturday, May 19 at 8:30am-4:30pm

The Good News Center
10475 Cosby Manor Rd, Utica

$20 per person

Registration Required:
Visit www.TheGoodNewsCenter.org—Events Calendar
Or contact Tanya at 735-6210 or tanya@thegoodnewscenter.org
Registration Deadline: Friday, May 11th  |  Limited to 75—Register Now

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2011 4ever Believe Magazine

An Evening with Brad Stine

Saturday, April 21st

7pm (Doors open at 6:30)

Whitesboro HS Auditorium
6000 Route 291, Marcy, NY 13403

Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door.
Available at Big Apple Music, Life Discovery Bookstore, online or call 292.8249
Proceeds benefit Carenet Pregnancy Center and FOURYM

Brought to you by FOURYM (Fellowship of Oneida Utica Rome Youth Ministries)

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Rome Prayer Breakfast


Rome Clergy Association

will sponsor their Prayer Breakfast at


7:30am – Contact Rev. Inell Claypool @315 336-5765

Every year we focus specifically on the “Seven Centers of Power: Government, Church, Military, Family, Education, Media, and Business.”  Our Theme:  ONE NATION UNDER GOD – cf., Psalm 33.12

Utica Prayer Breakfast


Breakfast at Harts Hill Inn

begins at 7:30AM Buffet~ on arrival!

Shofar~ call to prayer 8:00AM

Emcee directives will present our Concert of Prayer format, music will be shared by Mark Bolos, NDP promoters included by video… all within a 2 hour time frame—ending by 9:30AM.

 Harts Hill Inn in Whitesboro, NY,
135 Clinton Avenue, from 7:30-9:30 AM

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National Day of Prayer 2012

National Day of Prayer. Gather with young people

in our area to pray for our government, military,

media, business, schools, church, and family.